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life and all it contains

well...my name is amanda and i am a little new at this..but i decided why not..ppl tell me that my poetry is good but i think its crap ...i guess you can let me know...be honest please..

i have let myself down, i have let these walls crumble
you were the needed element for such mind boggling decisions
i let my heart run freely and now it has yet shattered again
nothing here but me and this cursed shadow

the light plays many tricks on the so willing mind
the foolish heart can see not through anothers
i am ashamed of who i am and what ive become
this horrid exuse for a body, waisted soul for a mind

my future is not so bright, who has taken my light
my future with u has dwindled into something of a nice dream
i will not count the stars 2night,nor watch the moon in amaze
what i have i done to inherit this tedious life

so now all i have are my writtings
my beloved is lost, departing, secluded
there is no heaven for you when you live in hell
my god is me, i cannot trust another

my emotions are wearing, this life pointless
i have not heard your voice what seems like forever
are we still together, in love and close
do you think of me as often as you did

do you cry at night wishing i was there
so many questions for you to not answer
when will we speak again, fall in love all over
there is all this doubt, will you not call
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